7. Hot Springs Country Club

The Hot Springs Country Club was built and organized in 1898 as the first golf country club in Arkansas. This was just 10 years after the introduction of golf to the United States. In 1924 it was said that more people played at the Hot Springs Golf and Country Club than on any course in America. Many of those golfers were professional baseball players who loved golf and looked at it as part of their Spring Training regimen. Possibly no player more liked to hit the links than the legendary Babe Ruth. During his Yankee years he was known as an avid golfer. Ruth worked out in spurts in Hot Springs. He would play 54 holes of golf, run three miles back to the Hotel Majestic, sweat through a hot water mineral bath, weigh himself, and announce to the nearby world that he had lost seven pounds. A newspaper of the time reported, “Ruth is almost as long a hitter on the golf course as he is on the baseball field and glories in his long drives. He isn’t always straight down the course, however, and is not especially good on his approaches.”