3. Dizzy & Daffy Dean

Major League Baseball has produced few pitching tandems that have captivated baseball fans as dramatically as the two brothers from Lucas, Arkansas: Jay Hanna “Dizzy” Dean and Paul Dee “Daffy” Dean. The colorful and charismatic Deans set a pitching standard in 1934 that may never be equaled again in baseball.

During the 1934 season, pitching for the St. Louis Cardinals, the Dean Brothers combined for a total of 49 victories- 30 for Dizzy and 19 for Daffy, propelling their team to face the Detroit Tigers in the World Series. The pitching prowess of the Deans combined with their talented teammates nicknamed “the Gashouse Gang” proved too much for the Tigers with the Cardinals winning the World Series Championship in seven games. Both Dizzy and Daffy won two games each in that World Series pitching against a Detroit Tigers team that included Hall of Famers Mickey Cochrane, Hank Greenberg, and “Goose” Goslin.

Dizzy Dean became a radio and television announcer after his playing days were over and was at one time the voice of the St. Louis Cardinals, the St. Louis Browns, the Atlanta Braves, and the New York Yankees. He also announced the Game of the Week on not one but two television networks during his broadcast career.

Dizzy was a four-time All-Star who won 150 games in 12 major league seasons with 1,163 strikeouts and a 3.02 career earned run average. Dizzy Dean was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1953.

Although he was not Dizzy's equal as a pitcher, Paul won 19 games in each of his first two major league seasons. He developed arm trouble in 1936 and was traded to the New York Giants after the 1939 season. In 1943 he pitched in three games for the St. Louis Browns. His career record was 50-34 and his earned run average 3.75.

The Dean Brothers spent a great deal of time in Hot Springs both during and after their playing days. Both Deans served frequently as instructors at Ray Doan’s Baseball School. Paul “Daffy” Dean at one time was a resident of the Spa City and was part-owner of the local minor league team the Hot Springs Bathers. He was even the team’s manager at one time.

Dizzy Dean enjoyed all that Hot Springs had to offer. He was known to frequent the thermal baths and enjoyed riding horses with his wife while in the city. Wherever he went within Hot Springs he was always the life of the party bringing a smile to everyone in his path.

There will never be another combination of talent and fun like Dizzy and Daffy Dean.