29. Fogel Field

Fogel Field, also known as Fordyce Field, McKee Field, and Holder Field was built in 1912 by the Hot Springs Park Company and then leased to the Philadelphia Phillies in an agreement with their owner Horace Fogel. Before the construction of Fogel Field, there were only two ball fields in Hot Springs for clubs to use for practice. The previous year, the Phillies were forced to share Whittington Park with the Brooklyn Dodgers, Pittsburgh Pirates and Cincinnati Red Stockings Fogel and the Phillies had first shot at leasing the new ballpark. According to newspaper accounts of the day, it was much larger, better equipped and more desirable for playing then old Whittington Park, and it was also just a short six minute walk from their headquarters at The Majestic Hotel. Fogel’s plans were to lease the field for ten years and to make it the biggest and best baseball park in the city. It never happened. The Phillies never returned to Spring Training in Hot Springs after the 1912 season, but Fogel Field continued as a Spring Training facility until 1942.