20. Happy Hollow

Beginning early in his Hall of Fame career while visiting Hot Springs with the Cleveland Spiders, baseball's all-time winningest pitcher, Cy Young used to walk the trails in and out of Happy Hollow with an axe in his hand. Cy was quoted as saying "put me out in a good piece of timber on a frosty day and I’ll get in shape quicker than I could in the finest training quarters on earth.” Another legendary Hall of Fame pitcher, Walter Johnson of the Washington Senators would start his workout each morning with a trip up the mountain and would always take someone with him to play catch. According to news account, once The Big Train made it to the top of the mountain he would indulge in throwing practice. The 1939 Brooklyn Dodgers under the leadership of new manager Leo “the Lip” Durocher would take long ten-mile hikes over the mountain trails to get their legs in shape for the upcoming season. One of his first events for the team upon arriving in Hot Springs was a 12 mile hike in and around the National Park. Happy Hollow also was the location of an amusement park from the late 1880’s until it closed in 1948. Many visiting ballplayers enjoyed getting their photos taken in the photograph gallery along with testing their skills in the shooting galleries.