14. Honus Wagner

Pittsburgh Pirates Hall of Fame shortstop Honus Wagner wasn't just one of the greatest athletes of all time. Wagner also owned a sporting goods store in Pittsburgh, and in 1909 he helped Hot Springs High School establish their first basketball team by donating uniforms and shoes. The uniforms were adorned in Pittsburgh black and gold, and Hot Springs High changed their school colors from maroon and white. To this day the Hot Springs High Trojans wear the black and gold that originated from the Flying Dutchman's donation. Later on that season, Wagner led his Pirates to a World Series championship over the Detroit Tigers. On Friday night March 15, 1912 here at the Corner of Central Avenue and Olive Street Honus Wagner refereed a basketball game between Hot Springs High School and Memphis at the Bijou Skating Rink that used to stand at this location. This was not the first time or the last that Wagner would officiate a game in the Spa City. In case you wondered Memphis won the game by 10 points, 34-24